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Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips available in 203 Holland & Barrett stores in the Netherlands

As of today, June 28th 2021, Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips will be available to consumers across the Netherlands at Holland & Barrett stores as well as their online store.

Offering 25mg of THC-Free CBD per strip and 3 chef-curated flavours of Fresh Mint, Berry Mint and Lavender – these CBD oral strips will be the first of such format available in H&B’s selection of CBD products. Although each CBD strip is no larger than a postage stamp, they are packaged individually in specially designed foils to protect their potency from UV, moisture and even each other. Every consumer package is then consisted of 5 strips per flavour. The compact sizing allows them to fit and be taken anywhere.

So why CBD oral strips? In addition to allowing users to manage their CBD intake accurately and discreetly, CBD in the form of oral strips can be taken by simply placing on or below the tongue to let dissolve. Even more importantly, for those who do not want to inhale, dislike the taste / texture of oils or ingest extra calories with edibles – CBD oral strips become the perfect alternative solution.