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CBD Sloth: Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips Review

CBD Sloth, an informational site helping people discover the facts about various CBD products with complete transparency from a neutral perspective, recently did a thorough review on the Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips.

The review covers the overall experience, what consumers will get in each strip, what flavours are available, why use CBD oral strips and much more. Below is a snippet of the review article,

One key benefit is the precise dosing, which can be difficult with a liquid. Each strip has been perfectly measured out, so you know you’re getting exactly 25mg of CBD in each helping.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve struggled to know if I’ve dropped 3 or 4 drops when it has accidentally come out a bit too quick.

This is also a much more discreet way to take CBD, especially if you’re in a workplace or out in public, where you don’t want to drop CBD oil in front of people and then spend the next 2 minutes with your mouth closed unable to talk.

Access the full review here at CBD Sloth.