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CBD oral strips help working middle-aged mom find stress relief

It was another stressful day for Mrs. A*, who was just getting ready to attend an important board meeting for the municipal mountain railway in her hometown. Although she is already a mother-of-two and 55 years of age, Mrs. A also juggles several professional roles as a secretary, a clerk, and an Authorized Person at a legal service & notary’s office. In addition, she is actively involved in key decision making for various committees in her community.

On this particular day, Mrs. A was experiencing a high level of anxiety while preparing a presentation as a member of the board of directors for a railway system that happened to be the steepest funicular in the world. She could feel herself shaking slightly and unable to focus due to the stress – a feeling she has experienced more frequently than she’d like. This was when she took out the Elevar Leafs CBD oral strips that her friend had given her.

“I had told my friend about my pressure-filled time and that I was looking for products that are not only useful but also tasteful. So, she kindly shared these CBD oral strips with me,” Mrs. A commented.

Although Mrs. A had tried CBD oil before in hopes of finding better sleep, more inner peace and relaxation, this was her first CBD oral strip experience.

“Surprisingly, the strips tasted quite good. There was a very slight burning sensation in my throat after taking them but that didn’t bother me at all. I felt much more relaxed, resilient and balanced afterwards and was able to sleep better. They were stronger compared to the CBD oil drops I had before, and the usage was very simple,” she said.

Shortly after taking the strip by placing it between the top of her tongue and gums to let dissolve and absorb, Mrs. A was able to continue with her packed schedule in a calm and collected way. The 25mg CBD dosage per strip also allowed her to manage her CBD intake accurately throughout the day and week.

In addition to her busy career and family life, Mrs. A enjoys hobbies ranging from reading to skiing, jogging, jazzercizing and travelling. Since the Elevar Leafs CBD oral strips are packaged individually to ensure protection from moisture and UV, this allowed Mrs. A to take them with her conveniently anywhere at any time.

“Berry Mint was definitely my favourite flavour, although I enjoyed them all,” says Mrs. A, who had tried all 3 flavours of Fresh Mint, Berry Mint and Lavender. “I think the pricing is quite fair since you get 25mg CBD from just one strip. I would love to use these strips on a regular basis, especially for weeks with heavy schedules and before long meetings – and I would definitely recommend these strips to family and friends as well.”

*Full name is undisclosed to protect the privacy of the individual for this case study.