The CANNAVIST: CBD Oral Strips – An easier, more Discreet & Effective way of consuming CBD.

The Cannavist Magazine, one of the leading CBD magazines in the UK, recently shared an article from Elevar Hemp, a SpectrumLeaf brand dedicated to providing premium CBD products with an elevated CBD experience.

With the first Elevar product line a premium CBD oral strips line called Leafs, the in-depth article focuses on a few key aspects including choosing the most suitable CBD intake format, the proven technology behind the CBD oral strips, the unique selling points and the concept behind the packaging.

While the image provided with the article features only the Fresh Mint flavour of Elevar Leafs CBD oral strips, the product is actually also available in Berry Mint and Lavender.

To read the article in more depth, access Issue 10 of the Cannavist Magazine, which is available in selected WHSmith book stores.