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CBD Oral Strips: An Easier, more Discreet and Effective way of CBD consumption.

The emergence of CBD remedies in recent years has evolved from an undefined niche to a fast-growing industry of its own. While no medical claims can be made and effects can differ largely between individuals depending on the CBD products consumed, this CBD evolution is truly one that has occurred organically due to the widely claimed benefits of using cannabidiols (CBD).

As a compound derived from the cannabis plant, a CBD infused product is considered neither a supplement nor a pharmaceutical drug. However, the formats of CBD consumption have leveraged similar intake forms such as pills and oil capsules. A variety of other available intake methods include as smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures, in-mouth pouches, and more recently dissolvable CBD oral strips.

Choosing the most suitable CBD intake format

With a myriad of CBD brands available nowadays, selecting the most apt CBD product can be difficult at times. A helpful selection tip is to apply the process of elimination. For example, for CBD users who do not want to inhale anything, smoking and vaping are out of the question. Remaining consumption options are then limited to either ingestion or sublingual (in-mouth) delivery. However, ingested methods such as edibles require its CBD compounds to go through the digestive system and the liver to metabolize the active molecules before reaching the bloodstream. Not only can this process take longer, the efficacy of the CBD delivery is largely reduced.

What remains are sublingual delivery remedies such as oil, tinctures, in-mouth pouches and dissolvable strips. At this point, it all comes down to the user’s preference when it comes to taste, texture and usage. Oil and tinctures can have an unpleasant taste or texture and is thus often mixed into food or beverages. This means a part of the CBD would be ingested instead and the originally desired effectiveness reduced. In-mouth pouches and dissolvable oral strips, on the other hand, deliver CBD via the mouth’s mucosal membrane and directly into the bloodstream. CBD pouches, however, may be suitable mostly for those who are already accustomed to the habit of an in-mouth pouch product.

Dissolvable CBD Oral Strips with proven technology

As mentioned earlier, CBD products leverage formats such as vapes, capsules, oil and more, that have proven to be acceptable by consumers. It is thus no surprise that dissolvable oral strip platforms, much like the minty Listerine strips we know, have since been infused with CBD to provide an oral CBD alternative that is easy to use, discreet and doesn’t require ingestion. The effectiveness of the actual delivery, however, depends on the technology and CBD actives used and incorporated in the infusion process.

As an example, CBD Oral strips from Elevar Hemp use proprietary technologies to infuse a high load of cannabinoid (CBD) actives from broad spectrum hemp (cannabis sativa) into each strip to optimize potency and release profile. The same patented technologies allow Elevar CBD Oral strip to offer 25mg of THC-free CBD in each strip, with high dissolvability to maximize sublingual or buccal (between cheek and gum) absorption.

There are undeniably several quality brands that offer CBD oral strip solutions. It is thus crucial for consumers to understand the type and quality of CBD being offered (e.g. hemp versus isolate), how reliable the infusion and delivery technology is, the manufacturing process, and credible lab results to support all of the latter.

All Elevar CBD Oral Strips are developed and manufactured in an cGMP certified, and DEA / FDA registered facility in the USA. Every batch of Elevar CBD oral strips is further lab tested to safeguard all key benchmarks such as potency, safety, and quality are met before they are released.

The Ease of Use of CBD Oral Strips

Dissolvable CBD Oral Strips are the perfect alternatives for those who want to consume their daily CBD intake in a discreet manner anywhere at any time. Given that the chosen brand’s claimed strip dosage is accurate, users can manage their consumption effortlessly. The thinness of CBD oral strips also allows them to be carried around easily.

However, the ease of use of CBD oral strips offers more than just convenience and discreetness during use. The sheer simplicity of being able to place a strip on the tongue to let dissolve without the need for water means even the elderly can take CBD in a hassle-free way. In pharmaceutical terms, this would indicate a better patient compliance and correspondingly an increased potential for better desired results.

Packaged to Safeguard Potency and Hygiene

The way each individual CBD oral strip is packaged is vital for the end-user. Unlike the Listerine strips which were designed just to provide fresher breath temporarily, CBD oral strips are packed with active ingredients that need to be absorbed quickly upon dissolving. It is thus crucial to individually packed each strip to safeguard their potencies and to eliminate any possibility of unwanted reactions between strips or even just from moisture and the sun.

This was the approach Elevar Hemp took for its CBD Oral Strips line – Elevar Leafs. Each individual 25mg CBD strip is packaged separately using a foil material that protects them from UV and humidity. Individual packed strips foster a more hygienic usage as well. Every 5 strips are then packed in a specially designed packet that incorporates an anti-tampering feature to ensure consumers always feel reassured. Elevar Leafs CBD Oral strips is available in 3 meticulously developed flavours – Fresh Mint, Berry Mint and Lavender, each of which still features a hint of hemp due to the high concentration of the CBD actives.


SpectrumLeaf is a company dedicated to selecting and sourcing premium CBD products according to customer’s collective needs. One of the first products the company has introduced is Cannadips – a pouch-in-mouth CBD product that is all natural, discreet and fast acting, made through a proprietary process that preserves the valuable terpene and flavonoid compounds. The most recent product release includes a CBD Oral Strips line under the brand Elevar Hemp.