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Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips packaging – Compact, Versatile & Protected

According to The European Cannabis Report (2020)1, the total European legal cannabis market value is estimated to grow to €2.11 billion by 2024. Such expectation will undoubtedly drive further accrual to the spectrum of CBD products already available in numerous European countries. Whilst most CBD users are already well-informed when it comes to their preferred type of CBD product format, the myriads of choices can be overwhelming. Other than considering the quality and strength the desired CBD product offers, key deciding factors often come down to word of mouth, brand loyalty, and most likely – product packaging.

Product packaging offers many different roles including brand messaging, usability, protection, aesthetics and vital literature regarding its contents, just to name a few. What roles to execute depends on a brand’s preferred focus and naturally, budget. However, when it comes to CBD merchandise packaging, finding a balance between certain aspects such as protecting product potency, ingredients, safety disclaimers become especially essential.

When it comes to the packaging for Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips, the brand decided to concentrate on solutions that are compact, versatile, protected, easily understood, and sensibly sustainable. The aesthetics applied implement Elevar’s low-key aesthetics, which focus on conveying the exact nature of the content, its unique offerings and vital information such as a safety disclaimer.

With 25mg of hemp CBD loaded onto each oral strip no bigger or thicker than a postage stamp, every Elevar Leafs strip nest inside a sealed foil sleeve designed to be compact and to offer protection from moisture and UV. The individual packaging is vital not only for storage but also during transport and handling as it preserves the potency of the high load of CBD actives on each strip. Furthermore, such solution safeguards hygiene when consumers want to share the strips with others.

Every 5 Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips are packaged into a paper-based packet totalling a 125mg CBD consumer unit. Although the specially customized packet is still very compact, it provides further protection of the single packages with a three-fold design and an anti-tampering zipper to allow consumers to easily identify any damage.

The aesthetics for both the single strip packages and the 5-Packs are kept minimal and focus on ensuring key information is clearly conveyed with no distractions. For example, both packages states very boldly in text graphics that the contents inside are CBD oral strips, along with its total CBD dosages, corresponding flavour, and easily legible ingredients, usage steps, storage instructions and contact information. Unique offerings of the strips such as quick delivery, precise dosing, simple and discreet usage are also clearly highlighted throughout.

Elevar strives to find a balance between delivering premium CBD products to end-users whilst implementing reasonably environmentally conscious packaging solutions. For example, although the foil material safeguards each individual CBD strips’ quality and potency, the material is unfortunately not recyclable. This is why a customized paper solution that is both recyclable and biodegradable was chosen for the outer packaging to minimize waste. Such execution aligns with the brand’s mission to provide a practical balance between quality, safety, cost, as well as carbon footprint. Consumers can thus always feel reassured when they are enjoying Elevar’s premium CBD oral strips.

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